“Does This Child Preacher Understand the Words He’s Yelling? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN”


In the late ’80s, the Strode family of Marion, North Carolina, became infamous for striking fear in the heart of their town. Their son Duffey, who started preaching at age 5, could be found screaming Bible verses at the top of his lungs on school grounds. His parents eventually decided to homeschool their children after Duffey was suspended from school multiple times and a petition suggesting the family should leave town received nearly 500 signatures, according to The Washington Post.

When Duffey preached, he always quoted from the scripture. Passages like, “Marriage is holy in all and the bed undefiled. But the whoremonger and the fornicator, God will judge!” may not seem like typical reading material for a pre-teen. Some people wondered if Duffey could possibly comprehend the words he was screaming.

In this Oprah Show clip from 1988, Duffey passionately delivers a Bible verse, and the audience, seemingly frightened and bewildered by what they just heard, ask Duffey if he understands the deeper meaning. His response is stunning. Original airdate: June 14, 1988. For more on #TheOprahWinfrey Show, visit http://bit.ly/1ODj0x7


Refugees in Lebanon Face More Abuse

Missions Insider Report
Thursday, August 18, 2016
Volume 17, Issue 33

Refugees in Lebanon Face More Abuse

A recent suicide bombing of a predominantly Christian town in northern Lebanon has sparked more hostility toward Syrian refugees – subjecting already traumatized, innocent people to more abuse.
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The Racism Remedy In our fallen, human state, we live in such disunity with one another. But we still sing songs and write poems about peace on earth. Because isn’t that the ultimate goal. . . despite the prejudice we see every day around the world, and the prejudice we struggle with in our own hearts? Deep down, don’t we all want the same thing?
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Photo of the Week
Syrian refugees resting.
Rest Home

After an arduous trek to Lebanon, a Syrian refugee child sleeps in the run-down building his family now calls home. Many children arrive from Syria traumatized by the atrocities they have witnessed. A 5-year-old Syrian girl who recently arrived in Beirut is still suffering from burns she received when her house was set on fire when she was 7 months old. “She is still suffering physically and psychologically,” the director of a ministry based in Lebanon said. “Although she is 5, she can only speak about 10 words.” The ministry helped the family pay for a doctor and testing in several developmental areas; she still needs major speech and physical therapy. The workers face more needs than the ministry’s limited resources can address, but God is working, the ministry leader said. “God is doing so much in Lebanon and Syria, and we give Him the glory,” he said. “We ask that you continue to pray and lift our brothers and sisters up in prayer, that the Lord would continue to use them, keep them, and encourage them. They depend on God’s hand to be able to extend hope, healing, and restoration.”

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“Blessed and Cursed”

Family obligations jeopardize the aspirations of a psalmist (Deitrick Haddon) who dreams of becoming a gospel

Initial release: 2010
Director: Joel Kapity
Initial DVD release: July 27, 2010


Deitrick Vaughn Haddon (born May 17, 1973) is a Gospel singer, songwriter, music producer, pastor, and actor. He is best known for progressive gospel, and contemporary styles of music.

He is also one of the cast members in Oxygen’s reality television show Preachers of L.A..

Haddon launched his solo career as a Christian R&B vocalist with the Lost & Found on Tyscot/Verity in 2002. The set peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Charts[1] and received wide critical acclaim and spawned the hit “Sinner’s Prayer” which received heavy spins on gospel and mainstream R&B radio stations.[2]

The 70’s-leaning Crossroads followed in 2004, led off by the upbeat single “God Is Good”. In an uncharacteristic move for marketing a gospel album, Detrick made an appearance on the long-running syndicated series Soul Trainperforming the single as well as the title track from the album.[3]

Haddon appeared to be pushing his Gospel artistry further into the ranks of mainstream venues with 7 Days, released October 10, 2006. 7 Days was produced almost entirely by R&B producers Tim & Bob[4] Balancing out the contemporary bulk of the album is the traditional gospel flavored lead single “Heaven Knows” which Deitrick produced himself.

Haddon and his brother Gerald also produced the comeback album Brand New Day for veteran gospel vocalist Vanessa Bell Armstrong. Deitrick Haddon & Voices Of Unity’s Live The Life won Gospel Music Workshop of AmericaExcellence Awards for “New Artist of the Year—Urban Contemporary” and “Album of the Year—Urban Contemporary”.

On September 2, 2008, Deitrick Haddon released another album called “Revealed”. This album includes the popular single, “Love Him Like I Do” (featuring Mary Mary and Ruben Studdard). On July 27, 2010 Haddon made his film debut in a movie released directly to DVD called “Blessed and Cursed.”

On January 25, 2011 Deitrick Haddon released the much anticipated “Church On The Moon”, his fifth album with Verity Records. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboards Top Gospel charts and #65 on the Billboard 200.

Haddon is currently part of the cast of the reality television show Preachers of L.A., which chronicles the lives of six Los Angeles preachers, including Haddon. The show began airing on October 9, 2013 and currently airs on the Oxygennetwork in the United States.

His first marriage to Damita Haddon of 15 years ended in divorce in 2011. He is currently married to Dominique McTyer-Haddon and the couple are the parents of daughters born in 2011 and 2014, and they have a son born in late 2015


XXXChurch has been called “wicked,” “reprobates,” “false prophets,” “evil,” “snakes,” and more, complete with Scripture.



XXXchurch is a ministry led by Craig Gross. They attend porn conventions and hand out Bibles to workers in the porn industry, and have led some to Christ, one example of which is a former porn producer who went to seminary to become a pastor. They also provide help for those who struggle with sexual sin.

But instead of Christians applauding him for bringing people to Christ, they send him HATE MAIL. where 95% of the hate mail they receive comes from Christians.

They’ve got pages of Hate letters on their website

CHECK IT OUT @ http://xxxchurch.com/about-us/hatemail


Can Man Predict The End Of Time?

Many predictions by man have been recorded as to the end of the world. The most recent, May 21, 2011 and the year 2012. But the word tells us Matthew 24:36: But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the Angels of heaven, but My Father Only. Although I don’t know when the Most High will come I have no doubt in His Coming. Revelations give us a timeline that we can compare to the events of this world. I guess that is where man decide on the End Of The World. After Revelation 6:15-17. So what is next?

Different Beliefs……Same Faith???

We all have different beliefs in the word and the Most High Name. There are different translations of his word, we can all read back to Ancient History. My question is since the Bible was rewritten by man and scriptures changed, How do we know what to believe? Don’t get me wrong, My faith remains in the Most High and I truly believe in him. But are we to condem other nations about their beliefs and what they were taught to believe? Are other nations to condem us and what we were taught to believe? or will each persons faith alone get him to heaven? Just a thought and a question I’ve been thinking on. Love to hear what some of you think. Please keep in mind, this is not a call for angry words of war or battle and not a call to condem others belief in the word. I noticed I have facebook friends on my list that do have different beliefs, so I like to know how we all as human beings have at least one faith alike, even if the name of the Most High Is Different.

(Non of us had control over what our minds had been taught when we were first born, although now we as adults can decide if we want to be taught a certain thing).