Pray For ALL Pastors!!! Satan Is Seeking To Destroy!!!

(Ps 31:23)Father, I thank You that our pastors are faithful, and that You preserve them.
(Prov 28:20)That they abound with blessings,
(Gal 6:9)and do not grow weary in well doing.
(Phil 1:6)That You who began a good work in them will perfect it.
(Eph 2:10)They are Your workmanship created in Christ Jesus,
(Heb 13:21)and equipped in every good thing to do Your will. Work in them that which is well-pleasing in Your sight.
(2Cor 9:8)Let all grace abound toward them, having sufficiency in all things, and an abundance for every good work.
(2Cor 9:6)Because they have sowed bountifully, they will reap bountifully,
(1Cor 3:6)and whether they plant or water, Father, You give the increase.
(2Cor 2:14)I pray that they continually triumph in Christ, diffusing the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.
(Deut 28:2)That all blessings come upon them and overtake them,
(Deut 28:2)because they obey the voice of their God.
(Ps 32:8)Instruct them and teach them in the way they should go;
(1Cor 2:10)reveal the deeper things of God to them by Your Spirit.
(2Tim 2:21)Let them be vessels of honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.
(1Pet 5:2)Shepherding the flock willingly, eagerly, and being an example to them.
(1Cor 2:4)Their speech and preaching is in demonstration of the Spirit and power.
(2Tim 4:2)And they are instant in season and out of season to preach the Word.
(Josh 1:3)Every place the soles of their feet tread upon has been given to them.
(Deut 31:6)They are strong and of good courage for You, Lord, go with them.
(Ps 27:14)They wait on You, and You strengthen them in their heart.
(Titus 1:5)Help them set in order things that are lacking, and appoint elders in every city.
(2Cor 10:4)I tear down the strongholds over the pulpit
(Ex 17:11)I lift up our pastors and cover them
(Heb 12:24)with the blood of Jesus.
(Deut 28)Sickness and disease shall in no way come near them,
(Gal 3:13)for they are redeemed from the curse of the law.
(Isa 54:17)I say that no weapon formed against them will prosper,
(Isa 54:17)and every tongue rising against them shall be shown to be in the wrong.
(Cor 12:11)Father, let the gifts and anointings on their lives come forth.
(Luke 1:45)Birth the things that You have spoken to them in their hearts,
(Acts 6:4).as they continually give themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word.


Words of Encouragement

May the love of God always shine in your life, as you become a light for others. Let prayer be the key to open and close your day. Before you start your day, have a quiet time with the Lord. Commit to the Lord Jesus whatever you do and your plans will succeed, each in his own time.

Remember that mornings are reminders that God loves you, You’re not just given another day to enjoy but a chance to right the wrong of yesterday. Remember that prayer seeks for wisdom, not simply answers. It looks for courage, not simply help. It seeks for the gift of persistence, not only quick solutions. Don’t run ahead of God. Let Him direct your steps. He has plans. He has time. You may not know where life’s road will lead you. But keep moving. God is walking with you.

God answers prayers – YES: He gives you what you want; NO: He gives you something better; WAIT: He gives you His best in His time. Live life with a joyful heart and keep your spirit young and free. Don’t work too hard to give yourself the best of everything, instead make a greater effort to give God the best of yourself. God gave you a promise that you wont have to face life alone, for when you grow weak in your struggles, His strength will prevail and not your own. Journey to God starts with one small step at a time. He doesn’t expect you to run the mile — but HE promises to give you strength to go the distance.

Search for truth and you shall find beauty. Search for beauty and you shall find love. Search for love and you shall find God. Search for God and you shall have them all! In God’s eyes, love is never absent. In God’s heart, forgiveness is never impossible. In God’s embrace, no one is ever alone or forgotten.

Walk with the Lord when your heart needs company. Take His hand when you feel all alone. Turn to Him when you need someone to lean on. He’s the only one you can always rely on. God will never leave you empty. He will replace everything you lost. If He asks you to put something down, it’s because He wants you to pick up something greater. God is truly wise. He made sadness so we’d know joy, pain so we’d have pleasure, war so we’d seek peace, hate so we can love and a morning so we can face a new day.

If you keep God inside your heart, there is nothing that will come into your life that you won’t be able to handle. God makes us brave when we’re afraid, makes us strong when we are weak, but most of all, he teaches us to hold on to him.

Dear Lord, I know that many are struggling in areas of their lives and they wonder if you truly care about what they are going through. I pray that you draw near to them in their pain and give them the strength they need to believe that you will not fail them. May you give them a very real sense of your peace as you work out all their difficulties and make them strong, firm and steadfast in their faith. I pray this in the power of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pray For Our Children!!!


Acts 19:20)I thank you Father that Your Word prevails over our children.
(Isa 54:13)That they are taught of the Lord and continue to be
(Prov 13:1)the fruit of godly instruction and correction.
(Isa 54:13)Great is their peace and undisturbed composure.
(Prov 2:6)Father, give us counsel and wisdom in bringing up our children.
(1Pet 1:14)I say they are obedient, not conforming to the things of the flesh,
(1Pet 1:15) but holy, in all conduct.
(1Pet 2:2)desiring the pure milk of the Word that they may grow thereby.
(Jas 1:19)That they are swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath.
(Heb 13:5)Their conduct is without covetousness, and they are content with what they have.
(Heb 13:16)They do not forget to do what is right and to share.
(2Pet 3:18)I pray that they grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord,
(1Thes 4:1)and abound more and more in how they should walk and please You.
(1Pet 5:5) That they submit to their elders, and to one another,
(1Pet 5:5) being clothed with humility.
(1Pet 5:7)That they cast their cares upon You, Father, for You care for them.
(Jas 1:22.)I thank You that they are doers of the Word, and not hearers only,
(Ph’m 1:6)effectively sharing their faith.
(2Tim 1:7) not having a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.
(2Tim 1:9)Father, You have saved them and called them with a holy calling,
(2Tim 1:9)not according to works, but according to Your own purpose.
(2Tim 4:18)Deliver them from every evil work and preserve them.
(John 10:5)They will by no means follow strangers, not knowing their voices.
(2Tim2:22) They abide with others who call on the Lord out of a pure heart,
(Jas 3:10)and cursing comes not out of their mouth.
(1Jn 5:18) Because Jesus keeps them safe, the wicked one does not touch them.
(Ps 91:11)Give Your angels special charge to accompany, defend, preserve
(Ps 4:8)and provide safety for them, day and night.
(1Jn 2:5)Because they keep Your Word, Your love is being perfected in them, that they do not love the world or the things in the world,
(3Jn 1:11)and they do not imitate what is evil, but what is good.
(1Jn 1:7)They walk in the light as You are in the Light,
(Jas 4:8)cleansing their hands and purifying their hearts,
(2Tim 2:22)They follow after righteousness, faith, love, and peace.
(Heb 13:18)They have a good conscience and desire to live honorably,
(Prov 3:4)having favor and high esteem with God.

Pray For Relationships!!! Dethroning God from the human heart is close enough for the devil’s purposes!!!

(Mt 21:21)father, I come before You in prayer and in faith.
(Rom 13:11)Your Word says that now is the time for all to awaken from sleep, for our salvation is nearer now than we first believed.
(Col 1:13)Lord, deliver my loved ones from the power of darkness,
(Rom 13:12)and cause them to put on the armor of light.
(Rom 13:14)Help them in their daily walk to put on the Lord Jesus Christ
(Rom 13:13)and to avoid the lusts and idolatry of life.
(Ps 119:37)Cause them to turn their eyes away from worthless things,
(2Tim 2:26)to come to their senses, and escape the snare of the devil.
(Rom 13:13)Deliver them from immorality, strife, and envy,
(Heb 10:22)and draw them near to You, Father, with a true heart.
(Mt 5:6)Create in them a hunger and thirst for You and Your righteousness,
(Ps 119:37)and revive them in Your ways.
(Col 1:9)I ask that You fill them with the knowledge of Your will
(Col 1:9)in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;
(Col 1:10)that they might have a walk worthy of You, Lord, fully pleasing You, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of You,
(Col 1:11)strengthened with all might, according to Your glorious power.
(Rom 8:30)Bring them into the calling that You have predestined for them;
(1Chr 28:9)help them to serve You with a loyal heart and with a willing mind,
(Ps 32:8)and instruct them in the way they should go.
(Jas 1:22)Let them be doers of the Word and not hearers only,
(Ps 119:97)meditating in Your Word day and night.
(Ps 112:6)Establish their heart, so they will never be shaken,
(1Cor 10:13)and show them a way of escape with every temptation.
(Rom 13:8)Let them owe no man anything except their love.
(1Jn 3:18)A love that is in deed and truth, not just in word and speech.
(Ps 110:3)Let them be volunteers serving You in the time of Your power.
(Mt 6:33)Seeking first Your kingdom so that they will reap abundant blessings.
(Prov 3:9)I pray that they will honor You with their possessions and with the firstfruits of their increase;
(Ps 111:1)Praising the Lord with their whole heart in the assembly of the upright and in the congregation,
(Mic 6:8)walking humbly with You Lord, being determined to act justly,
(Ps 112:4)loving mercy and righteousness, being gracious and full of compassion.

Student Suffering from Dengue Fever

Oct. 19, 2012 – Gospel for Asia

Talib, a Bridge of Hope student in the 10th grade, is suffering from dengue fever. Transmitted by mosquitos, the virus has already affected 1,400 people in the area and claimed 29 lives. Talib is currently in the hospital, receiving treatment.

Please pray for:
■A quick and full recovery for Talib.
■Protection from the virus for our workers and other Bridge of Hope students in this region.

Pastor Ambushed on Way Home

Oct. 19, 2012 – Gospel for Asia

Pastor Jaabir leads a congregation of 35 believers. One evening, on his way home from visiting some believers, a group of people jumped out from nearby bushes and beat Pastor Jaabir badly, breaking two of his fingers. The group ran away when they were finished, and because of the darkness, Pastor Jaabir couldn’t identify his assailants.

Please pray for:
■A quick recovery and future protection for Pastor Jaabir.
■God to change the hearts of these persecutors.