“My Grandsons” Football is their Passion!!!

Tonight I write about my two Grandsons Omarion and Siameer.

I am so proud of them for staying focused in School with their grades and classwork, but I’m also excited for them being such great football players that I just had to write about them @2am.

OMARION  started playing football when he was nine years old and brought home the Championship Game as he amazes his Coaches with much speed, hard tackles and quick touchdowns.

Omarion is now ten years old and already started his second year in football hitting hard, running fast and scoring touchdowns.  The Coaches are so proud of him and encourages Omarion  and his Mother to never give up. Football is Omarion passion and he strives for the best every time he plays. I’m happy to say that I am proud of him and I look forward to my grandson achievements as he continues to be great.



SIAMEER at 7 years old he was born to play. His first game with six defensive tackles  with three of them on quarterbacks  and him also making 4 touchdowns is simply astonishing. I’m so happy for Siameer because I know He is a winner indeed and anything that he sets his mind too, he will accomplish. My advice to him and his big brother Omarion is to never give up, because giving up is not an option. Keep striving for the best,  you’re simply amazing and I love you both.






My Inner Thoughts

My heart has been through a lot. It has been through the highs and lows of life which is why I know the good and bad sides of people. Yet my heart is still strong and beats with the love of the whole world. I love life with everything I’ve got, and that is why it loves me back. The lesson I have learned from life shows that I am strong enough to tackle any challenge it throws my way, but humble enough to accept those I cannot conquer.

Sometimes the real battle I have to fight is between my heart and mind, so that I am able to make the most of this beautiful life. I give equal importance to what my heart and mind have to say. Even though I always follow my heart, I also like to sit down, take a moment and consult my mind before making the final decision.


I always find what’s most important to me in myself. It’s an attitude towards life. It’s a possibility to make each day better than the day before. I know what’s good for me and I appreciate these things because they play a key role in my life and I will never let go of what I never want to lose. I have embraced my life with love, passion, and grace. I know how to handle the tough times and celebrate the good times and I am old enough to know better, feel more and see clearer.

I have done many good things  in my life and I plan for the numbers to only increase over the course of time as the description of my life shows how diverse I am.  Sometimes this is hard but I always manage to stay true to my soul. I love to make new experiences in life. I’m not a fan of small talk and long for deep, long conversations with anyone I meet. I take every moment and make the most out of it. I have been through many phases in life but still welcome each new day with open arms.

I’ve come this far and that itself is a good enough reason to celebrate. I’ve won some battles and I’ve lost some. And they have shaped me to be the person I am today. I am the sum of my experiences and the lessons that life has taught me on my journey. Nobody can ever take that away from me and I won’t let anybody ever pull me down. I’ve got this!  and Im going to go on and keep shining!

Quemela Savage

Speaking The Truth!!!






Today I am happy to add another relative in celebrating ” Black History Month”

#BLACKHISTORY In 1966 Lesia Pittman was 1 of 2 black kids selected to be the 1st students to integrate Tarboro City school system.They wasnt put in the same classes together they had to get a physical and be taking to the dentist before going to school at NORTH TARBORO(Stocks) they was bussed from W A Pattillo School in East Tarboro to NORTH TARBORO for a year before other black kids also was able to attend Tarboro CIty schools!!!,.


My GrandFather’s World War I and World War II

Surprises!!! Surprises!!!

I just found out on Ancestry that my Grandfather Willie John-otis Pittman was drafted in World War II. This is totally surprising to me. I even found his draft card.

I also found out my great grandfather Thomas Bowens who is the father of my Grandmother Gertrude Bowens Pittman served in the British Army World War I. He was 34 at the time. Wow he actually had papers from England of Wales and his address in England is also listed. Found his draft card on Ancestry too.

Now I’m really nervous and excited to learn even more about my grandfather. Curious to know where my bloodline leads.

If you’re a family member and love to know more. Email me at pldsavage@gmail.com and I’ll add you. You Providing proof we’re really related.

R.I.P My Brothers

I was just visiting Ancestry and saw that my deceased baby brother was born on this day. He was born Feb 3, 1966 and died the same day due to complications my mom was having during delivery. Sad I never got to know him, I was only a year and a month older then him. I was just a baby myself, when he died. WOW….R.I.P MY BROTHER MARVIN GREGORY DUNN- FEB 3, 1966 – FEB 3, 1966. Miss You Dearly!!!
My Brother Rudolph Dunn Jr was born 11/11/66 and died the next day 11/12/66, he also died of complications my mom were having during her pregnancy with him. So sad. R.I.P my brother I truly miss you and wish I had gotten the chance to meet you.
So I’m continuing my research on my Ancestors as this research gets interesting by the minute. If you’re a family member and want access to my tree for more info and images.
Email me pldsavage@gmail.com