Today I am happy to add another relative in celebrating ” Black History Month”

#BLACKHISTORY In 1966 Lesia Pittman was 1 of 2 black kids selected to be the 1st students to integrate Tarboro City school system.They wasnt put in the same classes together they had to get a physical and be taking to the dentist before going to school at NORTH TARBORO(Stocks) they was bussed from W A Pattillo School in East Tarboro to NORTH TARBORO for a year before other black kids also was able to attend Tarboro CIty schools!!!,.



“I Hate Black History Month” (Quemela Response @flight23white

Published Feb 6, 2016

Quemela thoughts to  @flight23white  about this video

After seeing this video, I just had to dish out some knowledge to you my young brotha.

She don’t understand what”Black History Month” is about. She’s looking at it as a racial thing. Maybe she was taught the wrong meaning of “Black History Month” by her parents.

Many of you young folks don’t understand that “Black Negro Month was created in 1926 to celebrate the success of Black People so they can be proud of their achievements and success. Then in 1976 it was changed to “Black History Month”

Now somewhere over centuries and years and along the way, someone decided to make ” Black History Month a racial thing. White folks always complaining about what Blacks have and don’t want them to come up, but that’s only to keep our Black Children down where they won’t be able to learn.

But just know and remember my young brotha, our Ancestors slaved hard and fought for not only their rights and success but ours too.

BUT!!! She’s right about one thing, We are not the Minority.
In my opinion we never were.  Wish all blacks understood that, but some don’t and some live in fear every day.

Don’t let folks throw you off my brotha. It has nothing to do with racism, but everything to do with KNOWLEDGE!!! ALSO We’re not the Minority and have never been. Keep that in mind always!!!


Btw love your shows and channels.
Keep up the great work.

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