“God Has Warned Us”

God is in control and he has warned us many times of the signs of the times. Do not be surprised as now is the time. 

Learn to adapt to life changes. Learn how  to survive in this economic crisis because we are in for a long ride. Learn how to go through changes in life, so that you won’t get so used to the way things are. Learn how to change your way of thinking so that when a change of great magnitude comes it would not be unsettling. Don’t allow yourselves to entertain negative assumptions of how things could change. Sometimes we find ourselves making a challenge seem much bigger because of the way we are thinking about it. We have the power to stop worrying, and to get through challenges quite easily, as long as we have faith and open ourselves to the possibilities that a change can bring. You could sit and fantasize about how life would be or   you can take the steps to make a change for the better. Don’t be left behind because you were afraid to take steps for you and your family. Don’t allow fear to stop you or control your thinking. God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind.


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