“My Grandsons” Football is their Passion!!!

Tonight I write about my two Grandsons Omarion and Siameer.

I am so proud of them for staying focused in School with their grades and classwork, but I’m also excited for them being such great football players that I just had to write about them @2am.

OMARION  started playing football when he was nine years old and brought home the Championship Game as he amazes his Coaches with much speed, hard tackles and quick touchdowns.

Omarion is now ten years old and already started his second year in football hitting hard, running fast and scoring touchdowns.  The Coaches are so proud of him and encourages Omarion  and his Mother to never give up. Football is Omarion passion and he strives for the best every time he plays. I’m happy to say that I am proud of him and I look forward to my grandson achievements as he continues to be great.



SIAMEER at 7 years old he was born to play. His first game with six defensive tackles  with three of them on quarterbacks  and him also making 4 touchdowns is simply astonishing. I’m so happy for Siameer because I know He is a winner indeed and anything that he sets his mind too, he will accomplish. My advice to him and his big brother Omarion is to never give up, because giving up is not an option. Keep striving for the best,  you’re simply amazing and I love you both.






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