R.I.P My Brothers

I was just visiting Ancestry and saw that my deceased baby brother was born on this day. He was born Feb 3, 1966 and died the same day due to complications my mom was having during delivery. Sad I never got to know him, I was only a year and a month older then him. I was just a baby myself, when he died. WOW….R.I.P MY BROTHER MARVIN GREGORY DUNN- FEB 3, 1966 – FEB 3, 1966. Miss You Dearly!!!
My Brother Rudolph Dunn Jr was born 11/11/66 and died the next day 11/12/66, he also died of complications my mom were having during her pregnancy with him. So sad. R.I.P my brother I truly miss you and wish I had gotten the chance to meet you.
So I’m continuing my research on my Ancestors as this research gets interesting by the minute. If you’re a family member and want access to my tree for more info and images.
Email me pldsavage@gmail.com


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