Published on Jun 27, 2015
Vanessa Taylor

Five black churches have burned since the murder of nine African-Americans in a Charleston, South Carolina church.
The sissy KKK punks has now sent the residents in Mississippi,
California, Florida, Alabama, Kansas, and Georgia, bags of candy laced with a recruitment messages on their lawns and porches.

“We in the Loyal White Knights of the KKK would like to say hail victory to … Dylan S. Roof who decided to do what the Bible told him,”
“An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.
They [black people] have spilled our blood too long. It’s about time someone spilled theirs.”
On Tuesday, a Macon, Georgia church was set ablaze.
& yes a hate crime,
it was also determined that God’s Power Church of Christ was burned intentionally.
On Wednesday morning, a Charlotte, North Carolina church burned to the ground.
On Thursday, the…

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