Reports surface of ‘massacre’ of Hamar tribespeople in Ethiopia 

Survival International has received reports that violent conflict between Ethiopian soldiers and Hamar pastoralists has left dozens dead.

The Hamar, like the other tribes of the Lower Omo Valley, are victims of the government’s policy of “villagization.”
They are being evicted to roadside villages without their consent, and their ancestral grazing lands are being sold off to investors for commercial plantations.

These land grabs have already led to starvation in some parts of the Lower Omo Valley.
Tensions have been rising as a result of these evictions and, at the end of May, Hamar were reportedly attacked by soldiers with mortars and semi-automatic weapons.
A news blackout imposed by the government makes it impossible to know the exact number of casualties, but one expert has referred to what took place as a “massacre.”

Some observers have also linked the violence to the failure of the…

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