This is the Truth of you, of all of us!!!

For All there has always been a Divine Plan of an ever unfolding flood of Divine Good into everyone’s lives.

If you are like many people, you have probably trained yourself to focus on what is going wrong rather than what is going right. Maybe you believe that you need to struggle and try to whack things into place rather than just Allowing life to flow in more positive ways. Maybe you think that you must have done something so awful in a past life that you really need to suffer now. Yet none of these things are true! The one and only thing you are doing that could be considered at all “wrong” is focusing on what you don’t want. You just need to begin focusing on what you have Allowed that IS Good.

There is nothing you have done that has been especially good nor have you recently become worthy of it. For you have always been Good Enough and you have always been Worthy for you ARE a Beloved Child of The Universe!!! This is the Truth of you, of all of us.

There is nothing that you cannot Be, Do or Have if you are willing to Allow it into your life. WE came here not to suffer, struggle and strive, but to Allow, Allow and Allow even more!!!

Sometimes We get so caught up in what we believed to be the “reality” of our life that we forget who we truly were and why we were here.

Allowing every Good thing into our life. For in doing so you help to Heal and Uplift all others. For when you Allow your own Good, others can learn from your example and as each person recognizes the Truth of themselves,this world will shift in miraculous ways!

There are very powerful forces that are focused solely on you receiving your Good! All of it, not just one little bit of it here or there, but all of it! If there are people or things that can help you better understand how you can be a more expansive “Allower of Good” then surely you shall be led to those people and things. For the entire of The Universe is directed towards supporting you in living the most Fabulous, Wonderful, Joyful, Amazing life that you can live.

Even if it seems that right now your Good is very far away from you, please know that as soon as you begin to Allow a little more, even just a tiny bit more, that is enough. For once you really get into the mindset that its okay for you to Allow your Good and you begin to think in terms of you being able to “Allow Good” then many things in your life will begin to shift for the better. Sometimes it takes us all a little longer than we would like for the “big” things in life to manifest but this is okay too. All of your Good is on its way, you just need to relax and affirm that you are now Allowing it to come.

There is nothing and no one that can keep you from your Good. Not your parents, not your co-workers, not your teachers, not your spouse or children. There is only your Divine Right to live a Happy, Healthy, Joyful life, in what ever ways you choose. YOU are the only person can allow or dis-allow your Good.

It truly is in your hands and you already have all the Wisdom and Guidance you need within you to begin Allowing your Good to begin Flowing to you right now. It doesn’t matter what others think or do, for you always have the choice to focus on the positives such as Love, Peace, Wisdom, Abundance, Ease and Joy. No matter what is happening around you, you have the power within your own mind to think what ever thoughts you desire to think and the power within your own heart to feel Love for yourself and others. It all begins within you, and no matter what you have felt or thought in the past, it doesn’t matter. For the only moment from which you can create anything is this, your present moment. And when you align with the Inner Knowing of your own Soul that you can Allow your Good, then this is what you will begin to express as the Truth of your own life.


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