Before I Was Born!!!

August 18, 2014 at 12:10am
So I’ve been working on this timeline, wondering what was going on in this world way before I was born. Information was very scared as to what was going on in this world back then, so I pulled the best info I could find.

March 13, 1964, Friday, (My birthday minus 310 days)March 13, 1964:
No One Helps as Kitty Is Slain

March.28.1964, Saturday (My birthday minus 295 days)
Gulf of Alaska Tsunami Damage along the California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska coasts.

Sunday April.12,1964 (My birthday minus 280 days):

Atty. Milton Henry and Malcolm X in Detroit on April 12, 1964:

April.13.1964, Monday (My birthday minus 279 days):
Sidney Poitier has become the first black person to win the best actor Oscar for Lilies of the Field ..

April.27.1964, Monday (My birthday minus 265 days):
Frank B. Dumont – U.S. prisoner arrested April 27, 1964 in Tucson, Arizona by local police after committing a burglary in an apartment building.,_1964

Monday May 4,1964 (My birthday minus 258 days).
President Lyndon Johnson’s abuse Dog:

Sunday July 19,1964, Sunday (My birthday -182 days):
Hurricane Ivan was a classic Cape Verde storm that moved off the west coast of Africa during the first days of September as a tropical wave. The storm intensified as it moved westward and was named Ivan early on the morning of September 3rd.

January 17,1965, Sunday(My birthday): I am a Caramel Complexion African American Capricorn female. I was born to a cruel world. Happy birthday to me! I will remember to enjoy my life which was a big journey from day minus 310 to today


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