Al-Shabab militants raid Kenyan quarry, ask workers to recite Islamic creed, then execute 36 non-Muslims, witness says

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Warning: Graphic Images

NAIROBI, Kenya — Islamic extremists killed 36 non-Muslim quarry workers in northern Kenya early Tuesday, prompting Kenya’s president to announce a security shakeup Tuesday, firing his Interior Minister and accepting the resignation of the national police chief.

President Uhuru Kenyatta named an opposition politician and retired army general, Joseph Nkaissery, to be the new Interior Minister, in charge of security. Police Chief David Kimaiyo resigned, citing personal reasons.

Public pressure had been mounting for the two officials to be replaced following a string of extremist attacks.

The Tuesday killings happened at a quarry in Mandera County near the border with Somalia and the attackers escaped. The attackers singled out the non-Muslims and killed them, similar to an extremist attack on a bus 10 days ago.

The killings were claimed by Al-Shabab, which has been battling for years to establish hard-line Islamic rule in Somalia.

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