Being Black – A Death Sentence? – You Call It!

Are We There Yet?

Young Black Men KilledSome people just don’t get it. They will never get it. And they don’t want to get it. The majority of Americans will never understand what we as People of Color mean when we say, “Driving While Black”, “Shopping While Black”, “Walking While Black”, “Dating While Black”, “Working While Black”.

Many people will insist that it’s all in our minds, that racism no longer exist, we need to get over it, we need to move on, we have a Black President for crying out loud. Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and economic inequality are issues of the past, and America has progressed beyond those ills of the past.

The masses will say that we bring about all this negativity, hostility, violence, injustice, and hatred on ourselves. They will say because of how we speak, how we dress, and how we act, we perpetuate how we are perceived, received, and mistreated by…

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