Know Your Enemies!!!

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: We are a spirit being, we live in a body and we possess a soul. The real person inside of us is our spirit. Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. Our bodies are obviously what we live in while we are here on earth. How did demonic spirits vex and possess (control) people in the Bible? It was through their souls (minds, as in mental illness and insanity), and their bodies (as in the woman who had the spirit of infirmity). Understand your authority: As children of God, we are given authority over all powers of the enemy. Some people wonder why the demons seem to ignore them, sometimes it’s because that person doesn’t have enough faith in their authority and the demon is strong enough to resist what little authority that person is exercising. The more faith in your authority you have, the more of your authority you will be able to use. It is therefore important to understand and stand firm on the authority that God has given you.

Religious spirit’s purpose is to stand in the way of the Spirit of God’s work. Religious spirits hinder progress in churches. There is freedom in the Lord, not religious bondage. A person who walks in the Spirit is very dangerous to Satan and his kingdom because the Gospel is a divine invasion and attack against the powers of darkness.

RELIGION equals BONDAGE – The first stage of bondage is caused by ignorance, strong holds, and the enemy’s greatest weapon in this stage is deception. The primary weapon of the devil to put a person into stage one bondage is deception. It is extremely common and there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t been deceived in one way or another. If you keep in God’s Word, which you use to pull down strong holds, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Stage one bondages are caused by deception and lies from the devil, so the way to combat them is with the truth, which is found in God’s Word. God also says that, “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.” Ignorance is a nasty disease that we need to defeat!

BONDAGE equals FEAR – and we know the dark nature of fear raises the question: can someone genuinely love what they fear? many people love Great White sharks, but are reluctant to jump in the water with one because of the obvious risk. Religion has always relied on fear as its own strong nuclear force. Fear, more than any other characteristic, is what perpetuates religion and keeps it from falling apart. The bible uses the word “fear” more times than the word “love” although, to be fair, there are two different uses. One use is as in “fear God” and the other as in, “fear not”. However, it is merely two uses of the same word and, in both cases, it has the same meaning. Why fear God? He is all powerful, capable of great wrath and terrible vengeance if you don’t show him the proper respect. But if you give him what he wants, namely unconditional devotion, you won’t need to fear other perceived threats. Any Christian will tell you they love the Lord. Fear is masked by love.

FEAR equals not standing up for the TRUTH. Know your enemies and remember “Not everything that smiles at you is grinning.” STOP BEING A SLAVE AND BOUND BY SATAN. We are in a SPIRITUAL WAR and our enemies are right under our noses.


One thought on “Know Your Enemies!!!

  1. Prayer:
    In the Mighty name of Jesus, I command my thoughts to come under the obedience & captivity to Jesus Christ as it is written in 2 Corinthians 10:5.

    Matthew 16:19) “And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven, & whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, & whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (NKJ) (See also Matthew 18:18)

    In the name of Jesus, the Name that is above every Name & ALL things (Phil. 2:9,10 & Eph. 1:20-23), I bind up every unclean spirit & assignment coming against me, (my children, family) from, by or through anyone or anything, named or unnamed, known or unknown, 7 generations back. In the name of Jesus, I bind up the principalities, powers, rulers’ of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness & hosts in high places, & the prince of power of the air. In Jesus name, I bind up the strongman, the old man, every prince & stronghold, the spirit of antichrist, every evil spirit & plague, the spirit of confusion, illusion & delusion. In Jesus name, I bind up the spirit of infirmity, sickness, disease, pain, addiction, affliction, calamity, the devourer, the destroyer, the accuser, the deceiver, the corrupter & every spirit of poverty. In the name of Jesus, I bind up the spirit of strife & division, back biting & gossip, critical & judgmental spirits, spirits of resistance & hindrance, every spirit of retribution, revenge & retaliation, & the lying, seducing, deceiving spirit of deception. (I TIM. 4:1,2) In the name of Jesus, I bind up every root of fear, doubt, unbelief, discouragement & every deadly D from despair to depression, the spirit of pride, rebellion, disobedience, self, ego, independence, unforgiveness, bitterness, lust & the flesh.

    THE LORD JESUS CHRIST REBUKE YOU YOU EVIL, UNCLEAN SPIRITS. (Jude 9, Zec. 3:2) I loose, in the name of Jesus Christ, deliverance, freedom & liberation, peace, joy, hope, gladness of heart, love, healing & wholeness, mercy & grace, blessings & favor, restoration of the years that the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25), the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, a mighty harvest, & a boldness to witness for Christ. Amen and Amen!!

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