Sixth Year Transplant Anniversary for my Hubby

Today marks the sixth year anniversary for my Husband donating a kidney to his father. I am thanking God for his good health and his fathers health as well. I Just want him to know that no matter how people may treat him, never stoop down to their level. Just know he’s a better person, smile and walk away. I am proud of him for being the special person that he is. It takes a person with a BIG LOVING HEART to save another person LIFE and you my Husband have a heart of Gold that God has given you. You are indeed a person who appreciates life and no matter what anyone else says or how they treat you, God knows your heart and those who do not appreciate life will soon find that life don’t appreciate them either. Stay strong and thank you for being you. YOU ARE A AMAZING MAN. A AMAZING PERSON and I Love you.  HAPPY TRANSPLANTIVERSARY TO YOU.



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