Finding My Brothers and Sisters

After more research on I have found 3 of my deceased siblings. One was 2 brothers who were born a year and a month after me, 1 sister who were born 2 years and 1 month before me. I am still searching for my other 2 siblings. After a total of 7 pregnancies by my mother and father, only two of us who are my brother and I live today. I was very thrown back and brought to emotional tears when I came across my siblings. I remember the stories my parents had told me about how there was supposed to have been 7 of us children all together between them. I remember hearing my father tell me that me and my brother were lucky to be alive today, because my mother had so many complications in her pregnancies that it was a miracle that me and my brother survived. As I saw their names written for the first time I was emotionally brought to tears to know a name for my siblings. It really gave me a sense of knowing them, even though I never did. My heart longed for them, missing them, never getting to know them. I’m still researching so will be back with more as I find more on


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