Destruction of the African Family

Today, in the year 2013 we are still in slavery. Where we were once hung with ropes around our necks because of the color of our skin, we are now shot by the white race with guns because of the color of our skin. The whites fear the Africans and see the Africans as a threat. Their fear cause them to shoot the Africans and they say they feel threaten of the way the Africans look.

Today we rise up a new generation that will fight the fight that our ancestors fought and died for. We must understand that the white man is not equal to us, that the white man plans for Africans when they ripped us from our land and our families centuries ago was to destroy the African race.

In this Century the white race have created a system that down rate and beat down the African Man and destroys his family. The whites have made it so the African Man cannot work and is judge by the color of his skin.

The whites have convinced the African Woman to leave her African Man and depend upon the white race for support for her African Children. The whites have whispered in the ears of all the African Women and have promised them financial support of a $300 a month check and $300 food stamps to take care of the African Woman and her Children.

When this money and food runs out before the end of the month the African Woman searches for a food bank that may or may not give her a couple bags of can goods and some bread to feed her children. That will only last the African woman two days for her four children. With no African Man around to help her, she feels the pressure of struggling to feed and provide for her children.

She runs back to the white man and shares her frustration with him about her struggle; the white man tells her that they can help her get money from the African Man that left her. (Remind you that her African Man never left her, but that she kicked him out because the white man told her too).

The African woman asks the white man “what must I do?” The white man tells her to enter all the information of her African man including his birth date and his social security number and they will press charges against the African Man to go to jail if he does not take care of his children.

The African Woman agrees and walks away smiling. She then goes home and calls her family and friends and tell them the good news she says. She talks about her African Man and make him out to be the one who left his family on his own will. She never mentions the fact that she kicked him out because the white man told her too.

The African Woman forgets that she told her African Man that she did not need him or any man because she can do it all by herself. But what she fails to realize is that she is not doing it at all and that the white man is taking care of her and her children.

The African Woman and her children have become the property of the white man. The African Women every move is monitored and she is told that she can have no man live with her. When upon inspection of the place she lives in, if the white man finds any clothing or belongings of a man, the African Women and her children will be kicked out  into the streets, with no money, no food and no where to live.

So now she is a slave of the white man and it goes to show that what was back in our Ancestors Generation is another form of white man controlling the African women and destroying the African Man therefore destroying the African Family and their bloodline.  

Quemela Speaking the Truth!!!
Copywrite 2013


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