Be True To Yourself !!!

One thing I always believe in, and that is getting to know myself. Once you know yourself, you know your purpose in life and your calling. Getting to know yourself is getting to know your birth sign. It helps us learn who we are and others too, it also serves as a tool to enhance our understanding and compassion towards others. We can deal with that person better, because we understand where he or she is coming from. We can empathize and understand that person is just going through a phase. God made us and within us he created energy, and our energy feeds off of what’s around us. We feel the way we feel, because it’s who we are and what we’re suppose to feel. We feel out of place because we’re not in our rightful place of self and spirit. We accept wrong ideas about who we are, and live disappointing lives. We were made to be so much more than that! When we rightly understand who we are, we can live as who we are. No one can change who a person really is, and no man is to be a slave to anyone. When we understand ourselves, we understand our purpose and we understand that there is no fear or crime in knowing yourself.

Be true to Yourself!!!


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