Who is He? Where Did He Come From?

President of the United States
President Barack Obama

He said it was time for a change, change we can believe in. The world voted him in office, they said out with the old, in with the new. He said the Country would have to reset itself to bring change. Many have matched the timeline of the Book Of Revelation to what is happening today. God didn’t say when it would happen, he just said it would happen. To be able to make such a change, one must be in the most high position in the country to do so. We all know that he is not a dum man, he seriously thinks about his every move. Rather we agree or not with his actions, there still lies a mystery to this man. He is of several mixed races that the world could adapt too. His belief and faith in the word was questioned when he was running for office in 2008. His previous pastor was also put on blast. His birthplace has been questioned and his parents were walking testamonies back in the their era. No one seems to know where he comes from. Some believe in his works, some don’t. The wars of the world, the clashing down of economies, The dollar no more, Africa a rich nation with Gold. Could he be doing just as he promised? To bring change to the world, change we can believe in? Just a thought, Just a thought. (Quemela)


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