Separation of church and state?

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Separation of church and state?

Not if your church has a 501c3 tax-exempt status!  In reality, most churches in the “Land of the Free” have an IRS status of 501c3.  The application for this status is not required in order to be tax exempt, but the status does offer certain advantages to the church who chooses to apply.  HOWEVER, along with those certain advantages, come a list of restrictions. 

Link:  501c3 Churches – Q & A 

For example, a 501c3 church is not allowed to teach what Jesus really taught about taxation.  They are not allowed to criticize governments and bureaus, including, but not limited to, the IRS.  The rules are rather extensive, but the reality is that if a church signs a contract with the State/Government/IRS, and agrees to the rules thereof, who is the real master of that church?  God or the State?  If certain teachings…

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