Different Beliefs……Same Faith???

We all have different beliefs in the word and the Most High Name. There are different translations of his word, we can all read back to Ancient History. My question is since the Bible was rewritten by man and scriptures changed, How do we know what to believe? Don’t get me wrong, My faith remains in the Most High and I truly believe in him. But are we to condem other nations about their beliefs and what they were taught to believe? Are other nations to condem us and what we were taught to believe? or will each persons faith alone get him to heaven? Just a thought and a question I’ve been thinking on. Love to hear what some of you think. Please keep in mind, this is not a call for angry words of war or battle and not a call to condem others belief in the word. I noticed I have facebook friends on my list that do have different beliefs, so I like to know how we all as human beings have at least one faith alike, even if the name of the Most High Is Different.

(Non of us had control over what our minds had been taught when we were first born, although now we as adults can decide if we want to be taught a certain thing).


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