Mixed emotions….(My dear friend).

Trying to understand my mixed emotions as I think about my dear friend. Knowing that this sadness, this fear and this emptiness is causing my aniexty to flare up.

Bad news from the doctor left my friend scared about not being here anymore.

What words do I give for comfort or is there any words for comfort at a time like this?

I will be there for support but what about easing my friend heartaches and internal body pain. How can I bring back my friend strength and glow? I pray that recovery and health and strength return to my

I wonder when we all face the end, how will we feel about the life we lived?

Are there any wrongs and any
rights as to how we live our lives?

We are told to repent of our sins because we are known to sin.

I am confident with who i am and i don’t question who i am and along the way i’ve learned to never live my life for others.

Live your life because tomorrow or the next hour, minute or second  is never promised.

Do good to help others and never judge even when you have walked in the next man’s shoes.

We are humans and we have faults and so many different flaws about us, but we are humans.

We learn to live with the flaws of others and we understand human nature and all it has to offer us.

When we understand that we were created to be a free people, then we understand that life goes on, because it was meant to be.

In life on earth we meet some good people and we never know what life have in store. My friend is a good person and God sees and knows.

When we part this earth we can be strong and courageous and hold our heads high and know that nothing that we did on this earth is in vain.

These mixed feelings all rolling in my head. My worst fear is my friend leaving me. But my greatest joy is that in return I can help my friend because my friend trust and love me to ask me too.

Speaking The Truth


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