Evil Spirits Eating Humans!!!! (Graphic Video)

The work of Satan who workers are evil spirits, desire to steal, kill and destroy. Don’t allow satan a advantage on your life for we are not ignorant of his devices. When you allow anger, hate and rage to manifest in your body, you open doors for unclean spirits to enter into your body and basically control your life. You have told evil spirits that they can enter and dwell within you.

Jesus said I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

When we look at the phyiscal form of a person it’s hard for us to see the spirit within. One thing I have found out is unless you put yourself in the spiritual realm and see the spirits for what they really are, you will not be able to stand firm and cast it out of your life. It will forever have a hold on you and your life, you will constantly be doing assignments for satan, that you will find comfortable doing in your life.

At some point in your life, after many many many many years, you will look at yourself in the mirror and see a person that you do not like to be. You are disgusted with what you have become. You no longer have the desire to please satan, but it’s now way out of your control and you wish for death upon your life. but you are unable to succeed in death, because inside another spirit is talking to you and telling you that you can be forgiven and saved in Jesus Name.

You must examine the spirits and its ways by looking deep within a person soul to see their spirit. Every since I can remember I always have this sense of something not right when I cross certain spirits. I have called many judgements that have saved my life and my husband life because of me reading the spirits. I can now basically read them by looking at them. I can tell you today that many a times my life was saved by the grace of God. The evil spirits of satan that tried to kill me, have many plenty plenty of times failed.

I know God has a special assignment for me, one that requires me to be bold and a fighter for God. I am used to the snares and crazy talk, and I don’t worry about things like that. I’m not here to smoothe feelings and make you feel good. I want to make you feel uncomfortable so you can come out of that bondage that satan has you under. I am here to TELL THE TRUTH!!!!

When I see videos such as this one, I am aware of satan and his evil spirits that have come to destroy God’s people on earth. Please continue to pray for the world, stand firm and cast down satan and his army of evil spirits.

Published on Jun 29, 2012 by vice

Issei Sagawa murdered an innocent woman and spent three days eating her flesh. Due to loopholes in the law, Issei is a free man to this day.

On the afternoon of June 13, 1981, a Japanese man named Issei Sagawa walked to the Bois de Boulogne, a park on the outskirts of Paris, carrying two suitcases. The contents of those suitcases, to the lament of a nearby jogger, was the dismembered body of a fellow student — a Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt, whom Sagawa had shot three days prior and had spent the days since eating various parts of her body.

He was soon arrested. According to reports, Issei uttered, “I killed her to eat her flesh,” when they raided his home, whereupon they found bits of Renne still in his fridge.

Sagawa was declared insane and unfit for trial and was institutionalized in Paris. His incarceration was to be short, however, as the French public soon grew weary of their hard-earned francs going to support this evil woman-eater, and Issei was promptly deported. Herein followed a bizarre and seemingly too convenient set of legal loopholes and psychiatric reports that led doctors in Japan declaring him “sane, but evil.”

On August 12, 1986, Sagawa checked himself out of Tokyo’s Matsuzawa Psychiatric hospital, and has been a free man ever since


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