Pathological/Compulsive Lying DESTROYS And Is EVIL and Is A SIN.

This is something that I must share with you all, or those who are a Victim to this will never know why, and those who are the cause of this will bust Hell wide open if they don’t repent of their sins NOW!!! At the age of 23 years old I became a Victim of a person’s pathological compulsive lying, I am now 47 years old. I can tell you that telling lies or spreading rumors about a person can cause irreparable damage to his/her reputation. Such lies or rumors can destroy marriages or cause people to lose their jobs, friends and love ones. Lies destroys relationships.

Who has not heard of families in which the members cannot seem to say anything civil to one another? How many times has hatred separated those that at one time were the best of friends?
Lies cause life changing situations and leads a person’s life down a different path then where they were headed. In so many cases, the lies or rumors that are told are simply an outgrowth of hatred that is deep-seated in a person’s heart. Anyone who is witness who allows the lie to continue is just as much guilty. Knowing it is a lie and allowing that person to lie on another is also a SIN. No matter how close you are to the person that is lying, you should never turn your back and walk away without telling the truth and condeming the liar.

If that person that lies does not seek The Most High and get mental help, it will never go away and will carry for years and years. Telling lies on another person creates mental abuse to that person and carries with them the rest of their life. (Proverbs 6:19). The Most High hates a false witness that tell lies, and he that soweth discord among others. Hatred and Lies can also destroy the lives of those whom the haters are able to influence. That is, hatred can be contagious.

When kids grow up in a family where others talk, even boast, about hating a person then the chances are pretty good that the children will develop the same strong disliking for that person.This is called Brainwashing in which a group or individual “systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated”. Never mind that such lying is unjustified and illogical, it is just something that has to be done. Hatred breeds more hatred, and sometimes second generation hatred is even stronger than the hatred of the original haters. How sad.

Note: “Pathological lying is falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime.” These traits are of Evil and have no place with The Most High.

Those who are hurt by this person will never trust that person and even though they try to get close to that person and forgive, they are still leary of that person and can see the same traits in that person if she or he haven’t seeked The Most High and gotten mental help.

Signs will show in the Liar though his or her speech and actions that it is still there. (Matthew 7:16) “Ye shall know them by their fruits” The fruits of hatred are rotten, pure and simple. Hatred destroys. Please consider one final destructive aspect of hatred: Hatred destroys one’s relationship with the Lord and causes a child of The Most High to forfeit his or her chance to go to heaven. Who ever hateth his brother is a murderer no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. (1 John 3:15). Please learn this lesson and do your best to instruct others of hatred’s destructive, dangerous, and damning ways. The Bible says that those who are guilty of hatred without repenting of such shall not inherit the kingdom of Heaven (Galatians 5:20,21).

Please accept his message and spread the word to others: hatred will keep folks out of heaven. (Romans 13:9,10)We should love our neighbor as ourselves, and love worketh no ill to his neighbour.
*Dealing with any type of Liar If there is no effect on the person when you are trying to talk to them and help them, cut ties with them. Liars can get you in trouble and bring unnecessary stress to your life.

These links below will help you understand the type of liars you are dealing with. Although I don’t have all links here, if you research other links on these links pages one thing will lead to another.

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2 thoughts on “Pathological/Compulsive Lying DESTROYS And Is EVIL and Is A SIN.

  1. I do not believe it is right to say there is no such thing as a pathological liar. You seem to have written this for liars in general even though pathological/compulsive is in the name. If you wanted to address those kinds of liars specifically, it would have been best if you suspended your skeptisism to write this, even if you put at the top you don’t believe someone can have this disorder. You should have really thought about pathological lying more. The people with this disorder do not realize when they are lying and sometimes never realized they lied and they often lie for no reason. Most importantly, because they do not realize they are lying, they can’t stop themselves and don’t realize they need to repent. Also, you started to go on a long rant about hatred.

  2. I write based on my experiences in life. I had lived with this type of person for many years and I got first hand the blows of destruction. A person with this mental disorder can cause destructive life changes to another person’s life. I always write about physical and spiritual realms. Although this is a mental illness and the person may not know they are lying it is still a situation that must be dealt with in freeing that person from spiritual bondage.Lying builds hate, hate builds destruction and I have dealt with all that coming from a person with pathological compulsive lying.

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