Good News Vs Bad News

Personally I look for the good news in every situation. Bad News to me is Killings, Robberies, Kidnapping, Wars, Sexual crimes or any type of crime against a living being. Food Shortages, Natural Disasters and Scientific findings of the planets tells me that I should prepare to adjust my life to another way of living for the good of me and my family. Good News for me is knowing that If I am aware of the things happening around I can better prepare my life according to those things. You learn by knowing what not to do and doing what you need to do. If your ears are only open to good news and entertainment all the time you are ASLEEP to what is really going on in this world and you are a SLAVE of this SYSTEM. Mainstream Media Goals are to keep you tune to what will keep you BOUND. Stop looking at all news as bad news, some bad news can be good for you and may one day SAVE you and your family lives. Don’t let Society CONTROL your mind and keep you BOUND in SLAVERY. STOP CLOSING YOUR EARS. You may not want to hear this and you may even resent me, but one day you WiLL REMEMBER. Stop pushing BROTHAS and SISTERS words of knowledge and encouragement away from you. If you can sit there and listen to what the Mainstream Media telling you and you go do just what they tell you, You are in for a RUDE AWAKENING MY PEOPLE. When I hear someone tell me they didn’t hear it on the news after they heard and seen it with their own eyes for themselves. Yes it piss me off. I have Children And Grandchildren and I am doing ALL OF THIS for them. But if they continue to close their ears to the truth they too will be BOUND to SLAVERY. Better Prepare for the sake of you and yours. If you don’t think it matter now, just look at your children and think about their future.



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