Husband Became Sick, Your Grocery Store Is Toxic To Humans.

My Husband became sick immediately after eating breakfast the last 2 Mornings after he added SEA SALT to his food. With him having 1 kidney I became concerned. After realizing it wasn’t any of the other foods he had been eating plenty times before, I did a research on SEA SALT and to my surprise I found some very shocking news.

Sodium ferrocyanide found in SEA SALT, also known as tetrasodium hexacyanoferrate or sodium hexacyanoferrate(II), is a coordination compound of formula Na4Fe(CN)6 that forms semitransparent yellow crystals at room temperature and decomposes at its boiling point. It is soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol. it can react with acid or photodecompose to release hydrogen cyanide gas. In its hydrous form, Na4Fe(CN)6·10H2O (sodium ferrocyanide decahydrate), it is sometimes known as yellow prussiate of soda which you will find as part of the Ingrediants in SEA SALT (YP Soda). The yellow color is the color of ferrocyanide anion.

Sodium ferrocyanide is a chemical additive known as E 535. It is added to road and food grade salt as an anticaking agent.[2] When combined with iron, it converts to a deep blue pigment, which is the main component of Prussian blue.

[3] In photography, it is used for bleaching, toning, and fixing. It is used as a stabilizer for the coating on welding rods. In the petroleum industry, it is used for removal of mercaptans. Toxicological evaluation of some food
additives including anticaking agents, antimicrobials, antioxidants, emulsifiers and thickening agents.

Biochemical Research has been done in Dogs, Rabbits, Rats, Infants and Adult Humans, proved to show Health Problems including Renal/Kidney problems in some studies. Studies also indicted chronic Imflammation of Liver and Kidney. Studies also shows white and red blood cells affected in living beings.

So my question to all this is WHY IN THE WORLD DO THEY HAVE IT IN THE GROCERY STORES ALONG SIDE THE COOKING SALT FOR HUMANS TO INGEST? My thoughts are simple as this: What better way to make money to get people sick so the drug companies and doctors can get rich off of Humans. No matter that Humans can die from this crap, it was put in food stores for humans to ingest as a food. No Warning labels of it’s danger to humans. Lord I can’t even think of the words I want to say. But thank you Lord for containing my words, because it could be much worse. (Quemela).

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