I created this blog to share with others some of the things I have experience in life. My topics may discuss things more on a personal level and my thoughts about it.

I’m not perfect but I believe in The Word Of The Most High In Heaven, not the word of man. I don’t believe in Ministry Titles and engaging in church cliques, no…r do I believe in impressing man. I believe in the truth and I study and define the truth. There are many Versions of the Bible, it’s best to study and know the word of the most high in Heaven. Don’t be lead astray from lack of knowledge. Many are deceived by not knowing the Truth.

Growing up in a household where my mom and dad struggled to make ends meet, I am grateful for the smallest of things. I have achieve much in my life and I have given plenty. I have shared my wealth with others and I have been rewarded from the Almighty Most High in return.

He has made my heart strong to stand against all supernatural spirits and demons that try ro rise up against me. I will not be a victim to the evils of this world. I have faith and believe that the almighty most high will always be there to guide and protect me along my journeys.

My determination and hardworking to succeed expanded to many different avenues of success. But beneath this strong woman is also a very caring and sensitive heart.

I have a deep understanding of human nature and think and understand the concepts of life and human beings well. I like simple people with simple lifestyles.

My mother worked in a toy factory and my father did construction work. We ate oatmeal for breakfast every morning. For lunch we ate noodles, for dinner my father would go out in the backyard and kill a chicken. My mother would clean the chicken and cook it along with pinto beans and rice.

I was born in one of the Southern parts of the county of the United States where my Ancestors were known to be slaves.

My Grandmother on my mother side was full blood Cherokee Indian. She married a black man.

I remember seeing as a child with her two long silver braids hanging down her back. She always wore a part down the middle of her head with two long braids on each side as most Indians do. She was married to my granddad a strong hard working black man who I believe loved her with all his heart. After her death, my grandfather talked to her everyday until his death. She died Jan 1976. He died in 1991.

My Great Great Great Grandmother was born In 1832. In 1880 she was 48 years of age and a widow housewife with five sons.
I have no record yet of her husband name. I wonder how he died, was he killed through slavery or did he die of natural causes. Who was he? I continue to research and find the answers I am looking for.

Her sons were one my Great Great Grandfather who was born in 1854. In the year 1880 He was 26 years of age and worked as a Blacksmith. I think about how hard of work he had to do. I imagine him as a big tall man with big muscles. Being a blacksmith takes a lot of heavy arm work. He was my great great great grandmother oldest son, so I imagine him as head of the household since his mother was a widow.

My Great Grandfather was born of my Great Great Grandfather in 1880.

On March 10, 1908 my Grandmother was born to my Great Grandfather He was 28 years of age.

2 years after my Grandmother birth During the year of 1910 My Great Grandfather household consists 1 female age 40, 1 female age 20, 1 female age 13 and 1 female age 16. No records show that my Grandmother was a member of that household. I wonder why she was not listed. Did she live with him or did he just not add her to the census count? These people he stayed with, who were they? Where they in any way related to him? To me?

I have found out a little info about my 4 Great Great uncles. It feels good to put the pieces together about my ancestors.

My Great Grandfather was married I have no record yet of her death. I am still researching if my Great Grandfather was drafted in 1917-1918 World War 1 Draft. If he was records show that he died in 1940.
One thing about the World War 1 draft. Many Africans and Indians were made to go to war. A lot of information is incorrect with names and races.

My Great Great Great Grandmother died in 1911.


My father, the man who is part reason for me being in this world. He had Kidney problems for the past few years and passed away June 6, 2011. He always just lived his life no matter how painful it was. Every time I would say to him, “Daddy you know you don’t need to be doing this or that”, He would often say “I aint going no where yet”. God aint ready for me yet. Love you Daddy and may God cover you with all his glory. R.I.P

I really like knowing who my ancestors were and how their lives may have been. I am continuing research and will be adding more of my ancestors as I go along.

Thank you Jesus for all my ancestors, they are the reason I breathe today

Finding My Brothers And Sisters


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